Friday, October 23, 2015

A new mini quilt

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  1. Hi Margo! I like the 2nd one... I'm calling it rolling waves. I agree that it does not give off the modern aesthetic, but it's my favorite of the three shown. I'm definitely going to read about your faux rag technique. I'm visiting from Let's Bee Social. You are welcome to visit my spot anytime. 😊

    1. Hi Zenia, thank you for visiting and for your comments. Actually, the name of the second mini is 'Summer waves'. I definitely will visit your blog.

  2. I agree it's so fun to make a small project. One that has a quick start and finish is good for the soul! Interesting technique above. Did you razor the fabric layers, or how did you do this? It resembles the chenille technique. All are beautiful, but I agree the last is the most striking. I, too, can feel the rain.

  3. Margo, would you please contact me via email and leave me your email address?